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  1. Saju John Mathew
  2. Dr. Mathews Finny
  3. Samkutty Chacko Nilambur
  4. Rev. K S Abraham
  5. Binu Joseph Vadaserikkara
  6. Thomas Zachariah
  7. Finny Philip Kanhangad
  8. J P Vennikulam (John P Thomas)
  9. Joseph Kurian
  10. Sunil Varghese
  11. Jubin Kochupurackan
  12. George Varghese (Kochumon Aanthaaryath)
  13. Shyju Daniel Adoor
  14. Baiju M Thampi
  15. Sam Kondazhy
  16. Binu Thomas Vadakkanchery
  17. Stanly John
  18. Johnson Vedikkattil
  19. Asher Mathew
  20. Jincy Varghese
  21. Christina Elias
  22. Beena Abraham
  23. Toney M P
  24. Aneesh Thomas
  25. Biji Philip
  26. Joshy Kurian



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